a time for dreaming

Southern Iceland – Anybody knows the song “Stalfur”? I will give you a little help; it’s the most famous song of Sigur Ros, a little visionary jewel. When listening to it I couldn’t help being immediately transported into the Land of Dreams; immense spaces, frozen peaks, elves and pixies, all of which immersed in a characteristic twilight of my own invention, since I had never been to Iceland before: it was far, geographically far, but mostly, it was far from my budget, because of its stellar prices.

But, sometimes, distances magically shorten; today Iceland, tragically hit by the international financial crisis, it’s suddenly very approachable and in desperate need to be explored by tourism.

I called Kevin, my amazing traveling mate and friend of a lifetime. We told each other; maybe the right time has come, maybe this is the Time for Dreaming…

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